Working with the Hunter Foundation Good Cup Coffee Company’s commitment to Rwandan coffee farmers provides a boost in local incomes following the inauguration of a coffee roasting and packaging factory in Gikondo, Kigali. The factory is owned by the Rwandan Farmers Coffee Company, therefore all profit remains in the local area.

That’s why Good Cup Coffee is  One of the most Ethical Coffees in the World 


“There are three things about Good Cup Coffee Company that are key to our ethos of beyond ‘fairtrade’ ethical coffee. Quality, ethics and taste. Right from the start we wanted our coffee to taste great not just as an espresso but also in cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos etc. and our blends truly reflect our desire. From plantation to cup we are focused on providing some of the most ethical coffees available.  Our Bourbon Arabica blend is one of the most ethically-sourced coffees in the world. Every penny remains with the Rwandan farmers, there is no middle man, we pay direct to the farmers”.
Lily Gallacher, Operations Manager for Good Cup Coffee Company


RAINFOEST ALLIANCE CERTIFIEDWe are delighted to announce that our Good Cup Coffee logo is now Trademark Registered, that was a slow burner, but patience wins the day and we have our certificate.  Our Rainforest Espresso bean is now Rainforest Alliance Certified, a step up from Fairtrade, we pay more for our beans which means the growers and their local economy benefit from trading with us.



Good Cup Coffee Company’s other blends are produced using the finest beans, roasting knowledge and a passion for great coffee. Each blend is developed to deliver a deeply aromatic flavour, producing velvet in the cup. Good Cup Coffee Company supply to both retail and trade with 4 core coffee blends and 3 specially produced hot chocolates. From Macdonald Hotels to a single bag purchased via our on line shop, people across the UK are supporting ethically-sourced coffee and enjoying the ‘velvet in the cup’ experience.


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