Specially roasted coffee beans and hot chocolate for your enjoyment

From: £2.75
A rich, aromatic roast. Velvet in the cup

Our Italian Roast is specially roasted to our specific blend requirement to ensure the finest quality beans, producing a fine aroma and crema. Blended by roasters with years of experience, this coffee offers a robust, smooth yet rich cup.

From: £2.75
From: £3.25
The finest coffee beans

Produced using only the finest coffee beans and long established roasting experience to deliver a coffee blend of the highest quality.  Carefully selected Arabica and Robusta coffee beans come together to produce a coffee that is both deeply aromatic and tastes like ‘Velvet in the Cup’.  A coffee that leaves you wanting another cup.

From: £3.25
From: £4.65
Our most ethical offering

Rainforest Espresso is our Rwandan infusion blend.  Our Rwandan  coffee beans are the most ethically sourced in the world, with every penny from the roasted price remaining with the Rwandan coffee farmers, it’s truly beyond fair trade.

From: £4.65
Taste and Satisfaction
Velvet Hot Chocolate with all the taste and satisfaction. Made using water or milk this is a smooth, chocolaty drink. (9.5 % cocoa). 1kg
Velvet 1kg
Made using the finest cocoa
Pure Velvet Hot Chocolate - our signature chocolate drink, made using the finest cocoa to deliver a drink of immeasurable quality.  (14% cocoa). 1kg
Pure Velvet 1kg
A masterpiece of hot chocolate
Our masterpiece of hot chocolate. Made using hot milk and steam, our luxury chocolate delivers an Italian style, deep velvety drink of the highest quality.  (30% cocoa). 1kg
Luxury Velvet 1kg
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    Master roasters and blenders then ensure that Good Cup Coffee beans – from growing and picking to roasting and blending use the highest quality processes to ensure maximum freshness, taste, aroma and crema.

Doing it right

Most ethically-sourced coffee

Our Rwandan Infusion coffee is the most ethically-sourced coffee in the world.  Every penny remains with Rwandan coffee farmers. It’s truly “beyond Fairtrade”.

Supporting Farmers

Good Cup Coffee Rainforest Espresso  and our ‘Beyond Fairtrade’ Rwandan 100% builds on the Clinton Hunter Development Initiatives long standing work with the Rwandan coffee farmers, creating jobs and securing better returns to farmers, every penny remains with the Rwandan farmers, it truly is the most ethical coffee in the world.  Available in beans and ground coffee

It's all about Taste & Quality

Good Cup Coffee blends are produced using the finest beans, roasting knowledge and a passion for great coffee.

Each blend is developed to deliver a deeply aromatic flavour, producing “velvet in the cup”. Flavour tones produce a hint of chocolate, infused spices and fruit on the palate.

The Best Coffee At Trade Prices

The Good Cup Coffee Company supplies the UK’s finest, premium quality coffees to a wide variety of different vendors and establishments.

Coffee Roasters & Suppliers

We are coffee roasters as well as suppliers and distributors, so you can be sure that we certainly know our coffee.

Taste Matters

That’s why we seek out only the finest high altitude, speciality beans, guaranteeing some of the best coffee the world has to offer.

Exceptional Service

Customers choose us time and time again, our professional service is underpinned by our next-day delivery.

From Independent Cafes to Large Multinationals

Whether you’re a small artisan coffee shop or a five-star hotel, exceptional coffees at attractive prices are just a few clicks or a phone call away.

Environment Matters

Responsibility doesn’t just lie with individuals; it’s up to businesses to stand up and do the right thing. That’s why we’re committed to creating an ethically sustainable business

Good Cup Coffee Company - Best Quality Coffee Beans


Good Cup Coffee Company - Best Quality Coffee Beans


Good Cup Coffee Company - Best Quality Coffee Beans


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